• The seminars will be held through Zoom. We will use to provide automatic captions to improve accessibility, and we ask that you consider visible accessibility in your presentations (we recommend this resource) for guidelines on how to do this.
  • We recognize that it is not always possible to have high-quality internet for video/audio, so we are happy to test connections ahead of time to see how it runs. One option could be also to pre-record the talk, though we would like your presence at the end of your talk for questions, and during the longer discussion sections.
  • We also recognise that work-from-home means that not everyone has an isolated office, and there may be disruptions during your talk. This is okay!
  • Speakers are encouraged to state their pronouns in their talk or slides. 

Public availability of talk:

  • The organisers would prefer to publish the recordings of the seminar online, accessible to those that register, for a finite period of time after the talk. If a speaker would not like their talk recorded, please notify the organisers ahead of time, and also make this clear during the talk. Speakers and/or chairs reserve the right to, at any point in time, ask that their talk is edited out of these recording by contacting the organisers.


  • We plan to promote the zoominar through a  website, twitter, and internal networks. We will send out the zoom link to those who have signed up for the talk via the googleform, to avoid potential Zoom-bombing. 

Social media/screenshots: 

  • We would generally encourage participants to discuss the conference and themes on social media/with each other. If you would not like any screenshots from your talk to be shared publicly, please let us know and participants know. We will do our best to also ask this to be upheld as part of the CoC.